Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stay awhile and listen

So, there comes a time in everyone's life where they decide to go head first into something they know is going to utterly wreck themselves. That was this morning for me. When I headed out at 5 am this morning, the stars were out and all was well with the world. My quads and I still had a loving and mutual relationship then. I felt good walking into the gym, the effects of Zeus and Animal pump were giving me those good vibrations. Then I began the Kris Gethin DTP workout. The intention of this plan is to try and pack on a ludicrous amount of muscle, for only 4 weeks of training. If it was anyone else making such a claim, I would of laughed at the idea and utterly disregarded it. However because it was Mr. Gethin's workout, I decided to give it a try. This morning was an emotional and spirtual adventure. I finished my first set of 50/40 like a champ, feeling dat pump. My mental capacity went down hill from there, due to the lack of blood available to my head. The extent of how hard it was to remember that 30 is ten less then 40 and therefore the amount of reps i wanted to do for my third set, was to say the least, very humiliating. It was during the second set of 10 that my moral started to fade. at the second set of 30/20...I knew what it was like to lay there and take it like a whore. On the 20th rep I couldn't extend my legs entirely anymore, so I decided to take a short rest. Ten seconds later I heard these words from an angel,,,on sirius xm. I am wide awake. I finished that workout and hobbled into the ab room to do the decline crunches. I did not need a barbell for this. On the fifth set I failed at 5 reps and it was a struggle for that last rep. As such, I finished day one of 28. Tomorrow is a cardio day, which I am very excited about. Though I am sure most of you won't read to much into it, the DTP training contains a diet which is very pricey and as such I have opted out  of following it and have chosen my Tuna Sandwich and tuna salad(one can of tuna contained in both) over an obnoxious amount of steaks. <3 Mercury. Well anyways, that is my post for the day. Look at me, starting and finishing something, boys oh boys it is nice.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

So get this, today I step on the scale like every other day, announce to Nintendo "that my body is ready" and weigh in. To my great pleasure, my Wii fit informed me that I was 200lbs. Well I was stoked. Really wasn't expecting my progress to remain so intense for so long but it turns out the change in my sleep schedule really allowed me to just obliterate my plateau. Looking back, it astounds me that I once weighed 75 pounds more then I currently do. Though is really exciting, it doesn't mean that I am ready to let up at all or try and simply "maintain" my current state. I will see an ideal body fat percentage, of this I am sure. Such is partially my explanation as to why I am ordering a a new shipment of supplements. I call it the "Jake I love you but this cutting shit is getting old and it had best be done soon" stack. The roster for this stack includes another bottle of Shut-eye and my current BCAA's pills. The new comers are Zeus and Sub-Q. Purchasing this during a time when I don't really have much cash to spare will be reason enough to push even harder. Sorry you all have to read this in a blog but this does mean that I won't be buying Diablo 3 any time soon. I am sorry, so very sorry. Deckard Cain, I am sorry. Anyways kids, have a great weekend.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Everyday I'm shruggin shit

 Just a little update before I head into work today, 10 minutes from now. I changed my sleeping schedule successfully and now arrive at the gym at 5 am in the morning, ensuring that my workouts are not hindered by long work shifts. Taking advantage of how early I workout, I now eat all my significant meals before 1 pm and go to bed around 8 pm. This will of course not be the case on the weekends. So far, today being the second day that I have gone to the gym so early, my weight loss grind hasn't been hindered and actually seems to have gained some momentum! Today I weighed in at 203 and if this keeps up I will hit my next milestone by this time next week! I am also going to have to start bringing an Mp3 player of sorts to the gym, the seniors that go as early as myself are not the biggest fans of Ozzy's bone yard or similar XM stations that are suitable for intense gym sessions. Le sigh. Anyways, time to go rack in some cash, have a great day guys and gals!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A little closer

          Well this post is coming a day late but the content is just as exciting, if only for me. As of today, I am currently weighing in at 205lbs. This means that I am now at a total fat loss of 70lbs and only 5 lbs away from being the same weight I was back in 2002, while entering the sixth grade. So I am pretty stoked on the matter and am currently at an all time high in regards to both motivation and desire to see progress.
          The hours that I am working have been increasing steadily and it is looking as though I may soon be working as many as 72 a week. If this is the case, I will be most certainly purchasing a new stack and continue to pummel my body fat percentage into the ground. Blog posts may be uploaded less frequently but they will be longer because of my ability to write them at work, needing only to find the time later to type them up. I will most certainly be sure to make a post for the breaking of any milestones (like reaching 200lbs) but other then that, this blog will continue to lack a consistency of posts from myself. That said, I may very well be hosting a new author regularly who has expressed interest in contributing and most certainly has the means to do so. Other then these little general updates, I would like to finish this post by reminding you all to check out what Nintendo has to reveal at E3 in the next few days. This next week could either make or break the Wii U and frankly I am really hoping that it shapes into something amazing. As such I am really hoping for intense online game play, an astonishing release line up (Luigi's mansion 2?) and maybe some clarification as to just which games Blizzard is making for this new console (there are supposedly two in production). Oh please don't let us down Nintendo!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hey guys, so admittedly it has been awhile since my last post but frankly I have been: to a wedding, working a steady job and managing to be consistent with my gym sessions and as such had little choice in the matter. That being said, my current weight is 206lbs and I am expecting to break through the 205 milestone this week, embarking on the last stretch to 200lbs. This is a massive milestone for myself because I very distinctly remember that  in the summer before I began the sixth grade, I weighed in at 200lbs. Getting beneath this weight will add yet another monolith of inspiration that will prevent myself from quitting the gym.

But enough about myself, at the request of David Hass, today this blog will be hosting content that I have not created and is completely of David's doing. The following writeup should serve as a reinforcing of the many positive benefits of training one's person.

Healing Exercises for People with Cancer
Patients who are undergoing treatment for mesothelioma and other forms of cancer can greatly benefit by staying physically active. The American Association for Cancer Research conducted a study, which found that regular exercise increases a cancer patient’s chances of survival.
Studies have found that regular physical activity reduces pain, thrombosis, fatigue, neuropathy, and emotional stress. Another benefit is that it improves the overall quality of life for cancer patients.
Consult a Physician
If you are currently receiving treatment for cancer, talk with your physician before starting any fitness routine. Your physician can tell you which exercises will be the most beneficial and which exercises should be avoided. This is very important because certain exercises can be dangerous.
Certain cancer treatments, such chemotherapy and radiation, can cause undesirable side effects. If experiencing nausea or pain, get those discomforts treated first. Your physician may also prescribe medication to help you feel better.  
Fitness Safety Tips
Exercise can help cancer patients, but only if done properly. According to the American Cancer Society, patients who have low blood counts should avoid rigorous exercises. All cancer patients should avoid uneven surfaces and should not do too many weight bearing exercises due to the risk of falling. Falling can be especially dangerous for patients who are taking blood thinners as complications could arise.
Stretching is definitely recommended for cancer patients. These exercises are simple and ideal for people who are not yet ready for more strenuous routines. Increasing flexibility can help cancer patients maintain their motility.
Aerobic Workouts
Aerobic exercises can help patients feel better while they are undergoing treatment. Activities may include biking, brisk walking, and dancing. Intense or moderate activities can all help in a patient’s fight against cancer. These activities also shed excess weight and increase lean muscle mass.
Weight Lifting
Lifting weights can help cancer patients increase their muscle mass. This is very important, since many cancer patients lose some muscle, and gain fat during treatment. It also helps increase bone density. This is another major benefit for people who have cancer, because many patients lose a significant amount of bone density from undergoing chemotherapy treatments.
Balancing Exercises
Certain medications can impair a patient’s balance and result in falling becoming a major concern for many. The bone loss they experience from chemotherapy can increase the risk for bone breaks and fractures. One balancing exercise involves walking with one foot directly in front of another. Pretend like you are walking on a tightrope. Another way to improve balance is to stand on one leg for 60 seconds and then switch to the other leg.

Such is the end of David's lovely article, anyone desiring to read more articles of such quality should definitly make their way over to his blog.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Milestone reached

Well a few updates are in order today. First off, when I weighed myself the morning after writing my last post and realized that I was actually 213lbs. That was pretty surprising because I allowed my diet to go to shit and essentially my weight training was enough to not only stabilize my weight, but slightly decrease it. So, I hauled out my incredibly bro-scientific thought process and started the week off with a day of very controlled eating that was essentially this:

Food/quantity                                          Time                        Calories
170 g Black berries                                  6:30                                  73
6 egg whites                                             9:00                                103
orange                                                     11:30                                  62
sandwich and a parfait of sorts                 2:00                       341&332
Banana                                                    4:00                                  200
a few spoonfuls of hamburger                 6:30                                 259

Well there is the horrendous eating style that I have when I want to lose weight. It may be terrible and I am sure any nutritionist would point out how I am probably lacking a great deal of essential nutrients but quite frankly it works for me. Through a combination of this diet, training and supplementation I was able to drop down to a weight of 210lbs over the course of 5 days. During this time, we still hit the gym hard and I actually set new records for benching ( 2 plates for 2 reps), Squats (2 plates and 25 for 6 reps) while managing to hit level 8 on fitocracy. Maybe not the most impressive numbers but I was content. Speaking of training, my cousin continued to push himself this week and has at minimum doubled the weights he was lifting since he started. His shrugs especially have increased from a shifty set of 12 with the 25lb dumbbells to a set of 12 with the 70lbs. As such it is looking really good for team Doucet right now, I can only hope that Team Legacy-Barnes is losing sleep as a result to this. However I realize that in all reality the competition probably doesn't even care that much about this contest.

About an hour ago I took my very first dose of shut eye, which I suspect is the cause for my current lack of focus and the difficulty I am having to just focus on what I want to write. Not to mention my bed is the most attractive thing in the world to me at this moment. But back to the supplements, I thought that I would inform my Canadian buddies about a great site to buy stacks of supplements from. Befit.ca has prices on it that will make any body building enthusiast get very emotional about, especially if that individual has ever forked out the money to buy any product at a GNC. The best stacks on this site are, in my opinion, the fusion products. Having tried both Fubar and Purple-K, I can vouch for both of them already and in a few days I will give feed back on my latest purchase. Speaking of which, my vision is starting to go widescreen with the squinting so I am going to finish this post by directing you all to this beautiful site, where you will learn of the glorious calorie to protein ratio that is contained within Lobster.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The work continues

Hey everybody. Today I started to actively cut my weight again. I achieve this by following a strict diet that I shall develop over the course of each individual day,(I don't actually follow any particular diet). My rules are simple, eat every 2.5 hours, a fruit is a decent meal for in between main meals (breakfast,lunch and supper) and I down BCAA's like a crack addict in Columbia. I will be weighing myself at 7 every morning and any day where there is no decrease in weight will be considered a failure and add to my "guilt pool" which I used in a positive-ish manner to push myself to endure the calorie deficit and not give in to the temptation to eat. Yesterday, to ceremoniously begin this cutting, I ate 3/4s of a Delicio Pizza for supper. I will not forget that bloated feeling for at least two weeks.

Aside from that, training is still going well on this new diet of sorts. I figure that next week will be the last chest day that I don't start attempting the 100lb dumbbells. My training partners are also showing great progress, especially my cousin. He started training because of a bet between myself and a friend where we would both pick "Champions" and train them this summer to see which "Champion" will show the most progress. If you have ever seen How I met your Mother, you will be familiar with the concept of a slap bet. This is one. Knowing that I will knock out my cousin if we lose this compition, he has been pushing himself hard and has more then doubled his strength. We are only on the third week and knowing exactly how strong our competition is, I feel confident in my Cousin. Well I am going to head to bed now, lest I stay awake long enough to become hungry again, as such I shall leave this video to anyone who reads this.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Annual post

Well it is just about that time to make my annual post. As is tradition, during the time in which i am writing this post, I feel almost certain that my future posts will be consistent. We will see about that. Well anyways, I feel as if a little update is in order. I am still attending university, my third year begins in September, though this year I will not be living in on campus. Myself and few friends decided that we wanted to rent a house and as such that is what we have done. Come September I will be living in a three story house where I will pay far less for rent then I payed these past two years and more importantly I will not be dependent on meal hall food.No longer will I check each slice of bread for mold and no longer will the food options become scarce as exams loom nearer. I am very stoked about the idea of doing groceries, partially because the Sobeys is less then a two minute walk from my house and conveniently in between my house and the University.

 Now some of you may remember that when I began this blog I talked about my desire to become serious about weight lifting and undergo a physical transformation of sorts. Well now I am 215, not a single pair of my pants come even near to fitting me and I not only find myself still enjoying my workouts but also still look forward to future sessions the moment I walk out of the gym. I even decided just today to join Fitocracy, which is a website that is apparently supposed to provide motivation for one's efforts in the gym by allocating points and achievements depending on the weight and amount of sets logged in daily workouts. I received enough points hit level 3 within minutes by logging today's leg workout which apparently showed up on the feed of other users who gave me "props" which I believe to be the equivalent of "likes" on Facebook. As such I am greatly amused by this site and if anyone reading this also has an account, my user name is carpe_nukem and will give you these "props" if you will occasionally return them to myself.  I don't know why but for some reason I want to attain a very high level on the fitocracy website.