Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Home sweet battle fortress of doom?

I haven't checked Zombie's blog today yet but I do believe I have found something that he and other like minded individuals, such as myself, will enjoy. I am just going to leave this link here that I encourage you all to check out.
Personally I would love this, I would love it so very much. It is handy for just about everything I can think of, the apocalypse, unwanted family visits and the retirement home for Harper...he is a man who loves security at all costs.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Well hello there kids, what you see here is my pledge to post regularly coming in to effect. Unfortunately, this means that the posts will not always contain mind blowing content. Deal with it. Omegle has been the focus of my night life. I learned the ways of it, knowing the tell-tale signs that could tell me whether or not I was going to be nexted right away. consequently I also know whether it is a guy or a girl I am talking to generally. I have been asked to father children, council/console other guys, and fight zombie hordes. Shit has been real. Other then my online escapades, I have taken up a new quest to find gym equipment on kijiji and will hopefully have some new additions to my growing arsenal soon.

Monday, April 25, 2011

A new era of loafing

Well I am home again, free of school work and temporarily free of work of any kind. So here I sit,beginning the second season of South park with the intention of watching every episode of South Park, Trailer park boys (an amazing Canadian show) and then every Disney movie from 1937 until 2010. So as you may have assumed, I have time on my hands. It is my intention to commence a new steady flow of posts on my blog and get back in the routine of following everyone's blogs again. I guess the first order of business would be to summarize what I have been up to. I am still working out and building quite a bit of muscle, at home. I bought a set of adjustable dumb bells and a bar bell and am now looking over a couple DIY gym equipment projects to improve my workouts. It was kinda fun, I was at canadian tire and there was a couple people looking at the weights in the fitness section and I bought all the 25 pound weights and 5 pound weights...leaving only 2.5 weights and a few 10 pound weights. Poor bastards.
Anyways, I have been working out consistently since my original post about starting to work out. I have long ago used up all my N.O explode and have since made a rather large order to supplements Canada. My stack now includes: Creatine, amino acids, protein, (jack3d / hydroxycut), test boost, vitamins, glutamine and fish oil. Though I have talked about it a lot, I have still not started to do cardio. I am supposed to start tommorow with my cousin, so I am pretty excited to see how that goes. Anyways, seeing how my life revolved so much about exams  for the last while, that is about all that has changed really.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Not posting

Hey guys,

                     Really sorry about the lack of posts, university has kept me really busy in the past few weeks. This ends one week from today, you can expect new posts at that time and I will be making my rounds to the blogs of all my followers once again at that time. I love you, all of you.