Friday, February 25, 2011

Question period

In this episode of question period (a Canadian government daily shit show) there is a big scandal being discussed. Knowing that the opposition party was about to tear them apart the conservatives (ruling party), is as expected rather edgy. At about 11 seconds when the leader of opposition is given the floor you can hear amidst the applause from the liberal party "Bring it on" from some conservative woman. I love watching kids argue.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hey guys, I have been listening to some Russian music for a bit now and have decided to share some of the less popular songs with you. Here is one that I absolutely love.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Political unrest in the desert

Well it looks as if the theories about Egypt's government posing as a modern rendition of the Berlin wall. As proof of this we now have a lovely video of a man named Gaddafi,"Leader of Libya", who is ranting about his intent to be a martyr and fooling with his clothes nervously. He is probably going to die soon or be imprisoned for a long time. At this time, about 300 citizens have died due to the law his "revolutionary government" made pertaining to the inability of a citizen to use any form of weapon against his fellow countrymen. Even if it is in an attempt to avoid a clubbing. The coverage of the situation that is unraveling in Libya is now in peril. It is about time these countries rise up, lets hope we see some solid transition government that lead to open and credible regimes. Hopefully one day we will see such a government too. If anyone wants to understand exactly what is going on in North Africa, I suggest you follow Reuters.

"Italy's foreign minister said as many as 1,000 people may have been killed in Libya. Unconfirmed reports spoke of troops and African mercenaries firing on protesters."

"A medical official said some 320 had died in Benghazi alone since protests against oppression and poverty began last week."

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Speaker issues

Well boys and girls, I now am having some issues with my klipsch speakers. It all started when my receiver started saying "protect mode" when I would hit a certain volume level. Well that problem still exists but my speaker cones also do not move anymore.  So I am now going to occupied with troubleshooting my speakers and  receiver for a bit, I am confident that the speakers are not irreparable or even damaged in anyway. I think something may be faulty with the receiver right now. That is all for now as my break from troubleshooting ends and I go back to care for my speakers. Promise I will put out more posts soon (with happier notes as well).

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crysis Results

So for anyone who forgot, just started following recently or is too lazy to go back two posts. Here is my computer's specs:
Jake Doucet
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz (2 CPUs), ~3.0GHz
Hard Drive:
960 GB Total
Video Card:
NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT (X2)
Plug and Play Monitor
Sound Card:
Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)
surround sound bitches
Razer Arktosa
Razer Diamondback 3G
Mouse Surface:
Duke Nukem 3d
Operating System:
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
750I FTW edition EVGA SLI motherboard
Now that you know what my computer has inside her, these were the FPS that I was getting. Keep in mind that this version only goes up to direct x 9
Running 64 Bit, no AA options apparent, seemed to be not present.

Medium specs

50-60  running around in closed room
40-50  in outer environment
35-40 Combat

Hardcore specs

45ish in closed room
15 outer environment
25 Combat
Summary, I am getting a 500 series video card soon. As far as visuals go, best game I have seen to date, which is amazing seeing how it is only at direct x 9. Game play is amazing, has the greatest aspects of all the top FPS games ever made.

Bit more about the weight condition

Well boys (and now) girls, I thought it was just about high time I gave everyone an idea of just what I am up against in this fitness struggle I find myself in. I have always been a big kid, both in weight and structure. At eleven years old I hit the 200 pound landmark ( I was also about the same height I am now) and in the past 7 years my weight has hit 260. As of yesterday, I am now 254. This is the byproduct of lifting weights and decreased food consumption. Never really was good with cardio, don't know if it is a lack of effort or commitment...or my heart current state (compliments of Kawasaki disease). Bottom point is, after the first couple minutes my heart feels as if it is being curb stomped. So it has been on the back burner for the past decade,I realize it is a rather big part of the problem. Soon we will be starting up with some cardio and easing ourselves into it. That is when I am going to start expecting some bigger results, till then, I have the mass on my body to form muscle. May as well have something to look at when it is all over, right? Anyways I have plenty of tell-tale signs of change already. Flab is now gone from my lower legs, my entire arm is rather solid except for around my arm pits. My stretch marks are shrinking and becoming far paler. I feel no fatigue when lifting weights, even when increasing the weight I am lifting. Instead I feel a rush of adrenaline that lasts until failure. Feels natural. My gym buds are rather impressed with how quickly I progressing in strength. Anyways, off to class and then the gym, thanks again to all my subscribers. I am now past the 50 landmark and am hoping to have 100 followers very soon. Have a great night everyone.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

entertainement while you wait

Well I have been interrupted from my crysis 2 testing by another gym session (still at it) and after weighing myself I have discovered that I am 3 pounds lighter so as a reward to myself I am going to watch epic meal time and pretend I am eating these meals as a reward, enjoy kids.


Well kids I have been in class all day and that is why I am yet to put up a new post or go around visiting other blogs today. I just ate supper and am now wrestling with the Crysis beta which is my current top priority, when I have some results I will let you all know. Wish me luck and again thanks for reading.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Daily Double

Well today I have two things to share with you fine gents, firstly I am going to start by spreading the news that Crysis 2 has been leaked. This is of course only the beta that is leaked with far less features then the client due to be released in coming weeks, I am still beyond stoked. As I mentioned before, I am a gaming enthusiast...what I haven't mentioned is that it was last summer that I last added anything to my computer. My klipsch speakers were the focus since then. This is no longer the case, audio is on the back burner again as I am getting nervous about how my computer will deal with running crysis 2. I have 2 9800GT video cards running with a 3.0 Wolfdale processor right now. I am hoping to buy a 500 series nvidia (EVGA) card in the near future and overclock to 4.0 ghz. However I am not yet sure that this will be enough of a performance enhancer for my beloved rig. Seeing how Crytek fucked the pooch on giving us PC users a demo of sorts to see how our computers fair...the beta will have to do. I will be soon posting the results of running crysis with direct x9 (the beta does not allow one to go higher then that) for anyone else who is also interested in knowing how much of an upgrade is required before they may play crysis. Before anyone rants about the idea of using the beta or acquiring PC games in general in such a manner, I will have you know that I fully intend to by crysis on day one and this is just a simple measure I am undertaking in order to prepare for the release.

As for the second portion of this post, today I am going to purseue the method of weight loss that I have been hearing everyone talk about but never really got around to trying myself. Being a college student it is not really that easy to maintain a 5-6 meals a day diet on such a diminished budget but I am going to try it. Thanks to my parents I am going to do groceries for the first time this year and buy things that will effectively target my daily nutritional requirements. I am going to finalize a list tonight of exactly what I am getting but am quite open to any suggestions anyone may have. I know that I am going to buy lots of fruit, vegatbles (I can totally eat an onion by itself), cheese, bread (whole wheat of course) and oats. Kinda excited about this aswell, these groceries will be intended to supply half my meals while the rest will be at the meal hall in my residence. Again, would love any insightful suggestions, thanks again go out again to my subscribers for reading and your continued support!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dancing with alcohol, not my usual kind of post

Well guys, last night was my residence's formal. I decided not to go to it and instead created this blog. Now most would think right off the bat that I had made an anti-social decision by doing this but quite frankly I think otherwise on the matter. My reason for not going was I remembered the last dance (besides my prom) that I went to with drinking involved. Two girls that I had known in high school were grinding me on the dance floor whilst I was trying to pull my ever famous "one man rave party". I felt dirty. I don't know if it is because I am a Catholic or some other influence in my life that is causing this effect but quite frankly the idea of a girl doing such things in public does not cause me to feel attracted but rather sick. I am straight, rather certain of this...I guess I am just into things being a bit more personal between myself and females in my life. I don't look down upon people who do this of course, I realize that I myself am the one who is being weird in this situation. Anyways, getting back to last night...I was beyond content with not going after I heard the tales of what happened at that hotel. We have one girl who came to be some poor guy's date who had a breast exposed and her dress up around her naval (compliments of the creepy fucking foreign student from the basement floor). One guy who was sober told me that he himself felt violated due to how much his penis was touched during the night by drunk girls. Apparently by the end of the night it was just one big making out session in the main room and the bathrooms contained both boys and girls in both the girls and boys washrooms. So kids, I am going to put a little poll on the side of my blog, tell me if how I react is normal or should I learn to coop with seeing drunk individuals making choices far outside their norms while under the influence.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Just thought I would share a video that myself and my Gym buddies watched the other day and it inspired us and got us in a good mindset for going to the gym and giving that extra "push". For those who don't follow the UFC,this is a fight for a 6 digit contract between two guys who just refuse to give up to one another. If they can do this and be so professional about it afterward, I think we could all get another rep into our work outs.

Here it is

First post

Well hello there gentlemen, this is obviously my first blog post and as such I am going to just more or less outline the idea(s) behind the purpose of this blog and the posts that will follow this one. I am a gaming enthusiast who preaches Nvidia and Intel technology and products often, so expect some posts about that. I particularly enjoy EVGA and Asus as manufacturing companies so that will be present as well in my (hopefully) daily posts. I like songs from all genres of music, giving preference to House and Trance music. If I find anything I really like I will give it a shout out here. I am a beginner audiophile, with a pair of B20 Klipsch speakers, so anything related to audio I will try to mention as well. I am rather over weight and as such have decided rather recently to hit the gym intensely, investing in N.O -explode and if I learn anything particularly enlightening health-wise, you'll see a post about it here.  Above all I am obsessed with current events and will read extensively into just about anything so if there is anything big going on like Egyptian mobs or Brazilian prison riots for example, I will lay out what information I find on the subject here with links to the sources of course. Well that is all I am going to write for today, anyone following my posts will learn a lot more about me as this blog progresses. Thanks for reading.