Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stay awhile and listen

So, there comes a time in everyone's life where they decide to go head first into something they know is going to utterly wreck themselves. That was this morning for me. When I headed out at 5 am this morning, the stars were out and all was well with the world. My quads and I still had a loving and mutual relationship then. I felt good walking into the gym, the effects of Zeus and Animal pump were giving me those good vibrations. Then I began the Kris Gethin DTP workout. The intention of this plan is to try and pack on a ludicrous amount of muscle, for only 4 weeks of training. If it was anyone else making such a claim, I would of laughed at the idea and utterly disregarded it. However because it was Mr. Gethin's workout, I decided to give it a try. This morning was an emotional and spirtual adventure. I finished my first set of 50/40 like a champ, feeling dat pump. My mental capacity went down hill from there, due to the lack of blood available to my head. The extent of how hard it was to remember that 30 is ten less then 40 and therefore the amount of reps i wanted to do for my third set, was to say the least, very humiliating. It was during the second set of 10 that my moral started to fade. at the second set of 30/20...I knew what it was like to lay there and take it like a whore. On the 20th rep I couldn't extend my legs entirely anymore, so I decided to take a short rest. Ten seconds later I heard these words from an angel,,,on sirius xm. I am wide awake. I finished that workout and hobbled into the ab room to do the decline crunches. I did not need a barbell for this. On the fifth set I failed at 5 reps and it was a struggle for that last rep. As such, I finished day one of 28. Tomorrow is a cardio day, which I am very excited about. Though I am sure most of you won't read to much into it, the DTP training contains a diet which is very pricey and as such I have opted out  of following it and have chosen my Tuna Sandwich and tuna salad(one can of tuna contained in both) over an obnoxious amount of steaks. <3 Mercury. Well anyways, that is my post for the day. Look at me, starting and finishing something, boys oh boys it is nice.