Thursday, March 10, 2011

My trip (so far)

Well hey there kids, since I have been on vacation here in Orlando I have been to universal studios, adventure islands, animal kingdom and magic kingdom. As such, my feet hurt, a lot. I really admired how the lines going to the rides in these parks usually had a lot of time and thought put into them and as such were enjoyable themselves. When we went to universal studios there was two really good rides, the Simpson ride and the Hollywood rip ride rocket roller coaster. The Simpson's ride in particular had a nice line up area where as the Hollywood rip ride rocket had the awesome idea, allowing the rider to pick what music he/she listened to.

                                                The video that plays while in the line for The Simpson's


A video of someone riding the Rip ride rocket ( listening to the same song I picked)

      The next day I went to adventure island where I drank butter beer and went on the greatest motion simulator in Orlando, Harry Potter and the forbidden journey. This ride was awesome from the sorting hat and paintings in the line-up to the AMAZING ride. There is no video that does it justice so I won't post one, there is however a great video of the lineup going into the renovated dueling dragons roller coaster that I will instead (It is now a harry potter themed ride)


There is also a rather good POV video of the ride (skip till about 1:12)

After leaving the wizarding world I came upon my childhood favorite universal themed area, Jurassic park, where I encountered the worst ride in the park complimented only by the worst employee in North America.  

The ride is apparently designed for "kids" but only kids that are taller then a certain height and lower then a certain measurement. Each child may pick one person taller then the requirement to go on the ride. The guy infront of the ride holding the stick, reminded me of someone who didn't have a mental condition of any sort but had decided long ago in a desk in grade school to stop learning. He was approached for assistance by a mother who had a missing child and replied that the child park that we were in had one exit and it was behind her so she could just wait and then returned to his most important task of measuring children. My little brother could climb three times the height of the enclosure around the park when he was a few months old. Needless to say an adult could quickly do the same. This did not occur to the man whose sole purpose in life seemed to be measuring children to make sure that kids of a certain height were denied for being tall. So I offered my assistance to the mother and ran about looking for a girl in purple with blond hair named Chloe. I found her, she was crying whilst running back and forth. I told her that her mother sent me to get her and suddenly winced at how I just said what children were warned to be afraid of. She ran into a corner so I told her that her mother was at the entrance , which is where I was headed and if she liked she could follow me from a distance. While we were walking back I would glance over my shoulder at her and she would momentarily look down as if ashamed she was following a stranger. She was a smart kid. Her mom seemed pretty stoked about having the kid back and Chloe stopped crying. The attendant stared at the scene and I smiled at him and he looked away. He is clearly unworthy of Jurassic park's awesome. 
Anyways kids, I am going to do some homework and eat a chocolate frog now, thanks for reading.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

100 Subscribers

Just a quick update to document when I achieved 100 followers! Thanks to everyone who followed and pretends to take interest in my ridiculous ramblings.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Say Hello To My Little Friend

Well good evening ladies and gents, it is with utmost pride that I have an announcment to make, I have recruited one of my closest, dearest, and least sexually attractive comrads to the blogging community. It is my personal belief that any follower I have would be greatly interested in the day to day posts of this young man. As such, I got him to write out this post for me as I lay in comfort of my bed preparring for a vigorous day tomorrow full of leg workouts. Without further ado, this is the link to his blog, enjoy.

Twice a day, 5 days a week

So kids I have started today a new attitude towards my workouts. Starting today I will do 2 workouts a day (5 days a week), one at around 6 am and the other around 3-4 pm in order to follow up the workout with a meal. Today for example I went straight to the shower after and then to meal hall for breakfast. Do you remember those "balanced breakfasts" from old cereal commercials? Well That was my breakfast ( minus the cereal and pancakes). Oatmeal, yogurt, 2 oranges, an apple, 4 eggs worth of egg whites, 2 pieces of bread and a breakfast sandwich (which was a one time ordeal) is my new breakfast. I will have two workouts each day with the same muscle set, the second workout focusing on high numbers of reps and the first focusing on less. I have found that I am growing muscle pretty fast, especially in my chest. I am now 250, which sounds like I slowed down on weight loss but really I am noticing even less fat everywhere and watching my muscles expand. I have been doing lots of murder curls and taking the idea of it and applying it to all workouts, alternating the weight I am lifting as the workout goes on. (starting with low weights and moving up to higher for the last 6 sets.) I also have a guy named Rob who comes in and sits next to me, pointing at different weights and saying a number of reps. I am yet to fail one of his challenges. Due to my content with my N.O.-Xplode I have decided to buy a stack from BSN for the summer, if anyone really knows much about supplements or has any suggestions as to what stack to use: Please suggest it to me. As it stands I am liking the "Big bad Wolf Stack" and the "The action hero stack"

I will try to get back to consistently posting, expect all the details on my trip to Florida which starts Friday. Thanks for subscribing to me, having 90 people reading my mindless rants is a comforting thought.