Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The results

So there I was, walking next my father into the doctor's office. Grease and soil caked upon me and my work clothes. My hair last washed by diesel fuel during yesterday's work day and my boots had a massive build up of sand and clay on them which, much to my pleasure, formed small mounds of soil wherever I stepped. I was ready for this, it was victory or tantrum. I had pre-planned to roll about the office if I got...undesirable results. So the secretary pretended to not notice my condition and ushered me in to a room where we waited. I sat with my dad, looked at him and told him I was not letting this go, ever regardless of what happens.

The doctor came in, with a long list in hand. I have to admit, I thought it was the end... I thought I was fuck3d. She sat down and the very first thing she said was, "The tests went well" and I cut her off at this via putting my fist in the air and shouting, "Victory is mine!".  She then informed me that the heart related tests were yet to come in still. I was disappointment. She then continued by telling us that I had a very slight iron deficiency, that didn't actually matter because it was still at a healthy level at the same time? I looked at my dad and told him that I hoped he liked not eating as much meat as he used to because he just set the precipice for all future arguments about who gets the big piece of chicken. He laughed, crying on the inside. I shook her hand, told her it was nice doing business with her and walked out. DMX playing in my head, knowing that although the war is not over, my cause certainly has hit the ground winning. This is certainly a great day for myself and as such the rest of Canada. It may be a few weeks untill the rest of the results come in but till then I am supplementing like there is not tommorow. I actually downed 3 scoops of jacked and 4 of creatine in the creation of this post. Going to workout, I will post the results of the other tests when they come. Oh, by the way, I had double the chicken my dad did last night and moaned that my iron deficiency was flaring up to get it.

 A picture of myself, on the glorious road to    unquestioned supplementation.



Monday, May 23, 2011

Tommorow is the true day of judgement

Well kids, I am unsure as to whether or not I have ever mentioned in my previous posts of an illness I had when I was three but I am going to assume I haven't out of sheer laziness and inform you all that I had Kawasaki disease. I nearly died of an illness that sounds of pure awesome. Due to the extreme rareness of the condition( the only other person I know of having it died), it was hard for my mother to convince any doctor that I had this condition (she was a nurse at the IWK for some time prior). As such there were complications, blah blah blah heart enlarged, blah blah blah heart was essentially being squeezed into submission, blah blah blah, I still now have a very unique organ. So, where is the relevance between this rant and my terrible and shameful jest at the beginning of the end which should of happened not too long ago?

Well my parents were very concerned about my heart and the use of supplements, so they brought me to the doctor who then ordered that a variety of tests be done. I meet with her tomorrow. This is it. The brightest of days or darkest of nights. The fate of my love of Jack3d hangs in the balance, which is pretty shitty shitty suck suck if you ask me. Will I never use jack3d again? Will I become Jack3d? Will my heart explode suddenly? Will lady gaga go back to making good music? Will I ever again reference Zombie's amazing blog?stay tuned for tomorrow's boring post.

My bad

Hey guys, I got a new job and have been working quite a few hours and as such have once again slowed down on the blog posts but I promise I will make one tonight and tomorrow. I work in a half hour so I will make this post short. I have a new workout buddy and he is pretty committed (we started working out at 5 30 this morning so that both our schedules didn't conflict. It was pretty sudden but Saturday he had a complete change of heart about the idea of working out and has since tasted the Jack3d and suffered through the creatine and is loving it. So I am pretty stoked. I weighed myself today after: working out, eating and drinking tons of water. I weighed 243 and although yes I was stupid not to weigh myself right away in the morning and it is only a decrease of 2, that means I am still going down and in reality am pretty close to hitting the 230s. Life is grand.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My supplementing song

So ugh between now working and working out and gaming I have had little time for a blog update. The fact that blogger was dead did not help at all. So I thought I would just share this little song with you guys. It is the song I listen to right after I take my stuff and am waiting around before I workout. Enjoy

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Just to let those who were following me from the start know, I now weigh 245 pounds, down from over 260.  It is nice to see results start to come of what I am doing. :D

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another day , anouther handfull of pills and a fresh wifebeater

Well boys and girls, I am going to pretend that may 2nd never happened and as such not even discuss it on in this blog.

Now that we have that settled and out of the way, today I am going to bore you all with a bit of fitness talk. I may have tendinitis.I was working arms today and felt an immense pain build up under in my forearm, so deep that it felt like the pain was in my bones. It felt as though my bones were going to snap in half. So I did a bit of googling my problem and found a couple solutions. Some suggested not using the bar bell for curls of any sort, this helped a lot with the pain. It was the free motion that dumb bells that helped. I then also tried doing hammer curls instead which do not strain your tendons at all really. Success, fuck you tendinitis.
 Moving along,I have a proposition for all of you. I figured it was time I started tracking my progress like it appears everyone else does. You know, the cute pictures of people in the mirror showing what they look liked before they started working out so that they can see the after results. Anyways I am not going to post these on my blog unless anyone is actually interested in seeing it so I am going to put a poll up when I wake up. Vote accordingly. Night people.