Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Political unrest in the desert

Well it looks as if the theories about Egypt's government posing as a modern rendition of the Berlin wall. As proof of this we now have a lovely video of a man named Gaddafi,"Leader of Libya", who is ranting about his intent to be a martyr and fooling with his clothes nervously. He is probably going to die soon or be imprisoned for a long time. At this time, about 300 citizens have died due to the law his "revolutionary government" made pertaining to the inability of a citizen to use any form of weapon against his fellow countrymen. Even if it is in an attempt to avoid a clubbing. The coverage of the situation that is unraveling in Libya is now in peril. It is about time these countries rise up, lets hope we see some solid transition government that lead to open and credible regimes. Hopefully one day we will see such a government too. If anyone wants to understand exactly what is going on in North Africa, I suggest you follow Reuters.

"Italy's foreign minister said as many as 1,000 people may have been killed in Libya. Unconfirmed reports spoke of troops and African mercenaries firing on protesters."

"A medical official said some 320 had died in Benghazi alone since protests against oppression and poverty began last week."


  1. Leader of Libya? yeah man, leaders don't go around shooting their own people.

  2. Nice video, it's very interesting.

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  4. he is crazy, that's for sure, poor people.

  5. I think your numbers are a bit off. From what I heard there were 600 dead yesterday.

    As for Gaddy, the second he is out of power he will either be executed or will be helped to die and take the stuff he knows with him [Ben Ali is bye bye and Mubby is getting there].

    Al J is where I get my info, btw

  6. the middle east needs to stop trippin' gas is too expensive for FEB.

  7. You have to realize Atlas that this post was made on Tuesday, many more deaths may have occurred/been confirmed since then and it will differ by source. I go with the safest estimate at the time that I can find.

  8. the whole region will be different in the next 2 years