Thursday, March 10, 2011

My trip (so far)

Well hey there kids, since I have been on vacation here in Orlando I have been to universal studios, adventure islands, animal kingdom and magic kingdom. As such, my feet hurt, a lot. I really admired how the lines going to the rides in these parks usually had a lot of time and thought put into them and as such were enjoyable themselves. When we went to universal studios there was two really good rides, the Simpson ride and the Hollywood rip ride rocket roller coaster. The Simpson's ride in particular had a nice line up area where as the Hollywood rip ride rocket had the awesome idea, allowing the rider to pick what music he/she listened to.

                                                The video that plays while in the line for The Simpson's


A video of someone riding the Rip ride rocket ( listening to the same song I picked)

      The next day I went to adventure island where I drank butter beer and went on the greatest motion simulator in Orlando, Harry Potter and the forbidden journey. This ride was awesome from the sorting hat and paintings in the line-up to the AMAZING ride. There is no video that does it justice so I won't post one, there is however a great video of the lineup going into the renovated dueling dragons roller coaster that I will instead (It is now a harry potter themed ride)


There is also a rather good POV video of the ride (skip till about 1:12)

After leaving the wizarding world I came upon my childhood favorite universal themed area, Jurassic park, where I encountered the worst ride in the park complimented only by the worst employee in North America.  

The ride is apparently designed for "kids" but only kids that are taller then a certain height and lower then a certain measurement. Each child may pick one person taller then the requirement to go on the ride. The guy infront of the ride holding the stick, reminded me of someone who didn't have a mental condition of any sort but had decided long ago in a desk in grade school to stop learning. He was approached for assistance by a mother who had a missing child and replied that the child park that we were in had one exit and it was behind her so she could just wait and then returned to his most important task of measuring children. My little brother could climb three times the height of the enclosure around the park when he was a few months old. Needless to say an adult could quickly do the same. This did not occur to the man whose sole purpose in life seemed to be measuring children to make sure that kids of a certain height were denied for being tall. So I offered my assistance to the mother and ran about looking for a girl in purple with blond hair named Chloe. I found her, she was crying whilst running back and forth. I told her that her mother sent me to get her and suddenly winced at how I just said what children were warned to be afraid of. She ran into a corner so I told her that her mother was at the entrance , which is where I was headed and if she liked she could follow me from a distance. While we were walking back I would glance over my shoulder at her and she would momentarily look down as if ashamed she was following a stranger. She was a smart kid. Her mom seemed pretty stoked about having the kid back and Chloe stopped crying. The attendant stared at the scene and I smiled at him and he looked away. He is clearly unworthy of Jurassic park's awesome. 
Anyways kids, I am going to do some homework and eat a chocolate frog now, thanks for reading.


  1. your an angel! Saving kids and stuff!
    I really enjoyed this read =)

  2. Glad your having a good time.. I think its adorable that you saved the little girl!!

  3. lol that dude has to get his priorities straightened out.

    good work on reuniting the girl with her mother; that guy has NO idea how scary it is for this to happen to a mother/child.

  4. Honestly I think that they should have a policy where the employee should put up a "gone be back later sign" and run off to find the kid or how about just radioing for help? Anything would have been better

  5. Good for you for helping out. If only more people were so considerate, too

  6. universal was awesome. I can't believe a park employee could be so oblivious, good on you!

  7. lol, the worst employee in America? tough luck!

  8. Looks like your having a good time. Good job helping with the lost child. Cheers!

  9. It was nice of you to help reunite that mom and kid!

    Have you had experience with irritated tendons? I've tried running on it (to make it stronger) but running just aggravates the situation and makes my knee hurt more.

  10. Ahahaha, the dragon challenge, "RED TEAM GO RED TEAM GO!"

  11. good stuff
    i'm following