Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another day , anouther handfull of pills and a fresh wifebeater

Well boys and girls, I am going to pretend that may 2nd never happened and as such not even discuss it on in this blog.

Now that we have that settled and out of the way, today I am going to bore you all with a bit of fitness talk. I may have tendinitis.I was working arms today and felt an immense pain build up under in my forearm, so deep that it felt like the pain was in my bones. It felt as though my bones were going to snap in half. So I did a bit of googling my problem and found a couple solutions. Some suggested not using the bar bell for curls of any sort, this helped a lot with the pain. It was the free motion that dumb bells that helped. I then also tried doing hammer curls instead which do not strain your tendons at all really. Success, fuck you tendinitis.
 Moving along,I have a proposition for all of you. I figured it was time I started tracking my progress like it appears everyone else does. You know, the cute pictures of people in the mirror showing what they look liked before they started working out so that they can see the after results. Anyways I am not going to post these on my blog unless anyone is actually interested in seeing it so I am going to put a poll up when I wake up. Vote accordingly. Night people.


  1. damn sorry about the tendinitis sucks big time

  2. You should check up with a doctor to see if you really have tendinitis, but other than that I would be careful with the weights

  3. Thanks bud, kinda rushed this post and didn't really look it over.