Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Annual post

Well it is just about that time to make my annual post. As is tradition, during the time in which i am writing this post, I feel almost certain that my future posts will be consistent. We will see about that. Well anyways, I feel as if a little update is in order. I am still attending university, my third year begins in September, though this year I will not be living in on campus. Myself and few friends decided that we wanted to rent a house and as such that is what we have done. Come September I will be living in a three story house where I will pay far less for rent then I payed these past two years and more importantly I will not be dependent on meal hall food.No longer will I check each slice of bread for mold and no longer will the food options become scarce as exams loom nearer. I am very stoked about the idea of doing groceries, partially because the Sobeys is less then a two minute walk from my house and conveniently in between my house and the University.

 Now some of you may remember that when I began this blog I talked about my desire to become serious about weight lifting and undergo a physical transformation of sorts. Well now I am 215, not a single pair of my pants come even near to fitting me and I not only find myself still enjoying my workouts but also still look forward to future sessions the moment I walk out of the gym. I even decided just today to join Fitocracy, which is a website that is apparently supposed to provide motivation for one's efforts in the gym by allocating points and achievements depending on the weight and amount of sets logged in daily workouts. I received enough points hit level 3 within minutes by logging today's leg workout which apparently showed up on the feed of other users who gave me "props" which I believe to be the equivalent of "likes" on Facebook. As such I am greatly amused by this site and if anyone reading this also has an account, my user name is carpe_nukem and will give you these "props" if you will occasionally return them to myself.  I don't know why but for some reason I want to attain a very high level on the fitocracy website.

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