Saturday, May 12, 2012

Milestone reached

Well a few updates are in order today. First off, when I weighed myself the morning after writing my last post and realized that I was actually 213lbs. That was pretty surprising because I allowed my diet to go to shit and essentially my weight training was enough to not only stabilize my weight, but slightly decrease it. So, I hauled out my incredibly bro-scientific thought process and started the week off with a day of very controlled eating that was essentially this:

Food/quantity                                          Time                        Calories
170 g Black berries                                  6:30                                  73
6 egg whites                                             9:00                                103
orange                                                     11:30                                  62
sandwich and a parfait of sorts                 2:00                       341&332
Banana                                                    4:00                                  200
a few spoonfuls of hamburger                 6:30                                 259

Well there is the horrendous eating style that I have when I want to lose weight. It may be terrible and I am sure any nutritionist would point out how I am probably lacking a great deal of essential nutrients but quite frankly it works for me. Through a combination of this diet, training and supplementation I was able to drop down to a weight of 210lbs over the course of 5 days. During this time, we still hit the gym hard and I actually set new records for benching ( 2 plates for 2 reps), Squats (2 plates and 25 for 6 reps) while managing to hit level 8 on fitocracy. Maybe not the most impressive numbers but I was content. Speaking of training, my cousin continued to push himself this week and has at minimum doubled the weights he was lifting since he started. His shrugs especially have increased from a shifty set of 12 with the 25lb dumbbells to a set of 12 with the 70lbs. As such it is looking really good for team Doucet right now, I can only hope that Team Legacy-Barnes is losing sleep as a result to this. However I realize that in all reality the competition probably doesn't even care that much about this contest.

About an hour ago I took my very first dose of shut eye, which I suspect is the cause for my current lack of focus and the difficulty I am having to just focus on what I want to write. Not to mention my bed is the most attractive thing in the world to me at this moment. But back to the supplements, I thought that I would inform my Canadian buddies about a great site to buy stacks of supplements from. has prices on it that will make any body building enthusiast get very emotional about, especially if that individual has ever forked out the money to buy any product at a GNC. The best stacks on this site are, in my opinion, the fusion products. Having tried both Fubar and Purple-K, I can vouch for both of them already and in a few days I will give feed back on my latest purchase. Speaking of which, my vision is starting to go widescreen with the squinting so I am going to finish this post by directing you all to this beautiful site, where you will learn of the glorious calorie to protein ratio that is contained within Lobster.


  1. Congrats on your weight loss progress. I on the otherhand am in serious need of gaining weight.

  2. Hi,
    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could email me?

  3. great job bud, keep up the good work.