Monday, May 7, 2012

The work continues

Hey everybody. Today I started to actively cut my weight again. I achieve this by following a strict diet that I shall develop over the course of each individual day,(I don't actually follow any particular diet). My rules are simple, eat every 2.5 hours, a fruit is a decent meal for in between main meals (breakfast,lunch and supper) and I down BCAA's like a crack addict in Columbia. I will be weighing myself at 7 every morning and any day where there is no decrease in weight will be considered a failure and add to my "guilt pool" which I used in a positive-ish manner to push myself to endure the calorie deficit and not give in to the temptation to eat. Yesterday, to ceremoniously begin this cutting, I ate 3/4s of a Delicio Pizza for supper. I will not forget that bloated feeling for at least two weeks.

Aside from that, training is still going well on this new diet of sorts. I figure that next week will be the last chest day that I don't start attempting the 100lb dumbbells. My training partners are also showing great progress, especially my cousin. He started training because of a bet between myself and a friend where we would both pick "Champions" and train them this summer to see which "Champion" will show the most progress. If you have ever seen How I met your Mother, you will be familiar with the concept of a slap bet. This is one. Knowing that I will knock out my cousin if we lose this compition, he has been pushing himself hard and has more then doubled his strength. We are only on the third week and knowing exactly how strong our competition is, I feel confident in my Cousin. Well I am going to head to bed now, lest I stay awake long enough to become hungry again, as such I shall leave this video to anyone who reads this.


  1. Eating every 2.5 hours seems like a lot!

    Eeeeeee a slap bet... oh dear.

  2. Just got to keep that metabolism going, for example I just woke up and ate blackberries. All 75ish calories of it.