Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Everyday I'm shruggin shit

 Just a little update before I head into work today, 10 minutes from now. I changed my sleeping schedule successfully and now arrive at the gym at 5 am in the morning, ensuring that my workouts are not hindered by long work shifts. Taking advantage of how early I workout, I now eat all my significant meals before 1 pm and go to bed around 8 pm. This will of course not be the case on the weekends. So far, today being the second day that I have gone to the gym so early, my weight loss grind hasn't been hindered and actually seems to have gained some momentum! Today I weighed in at 203 and if this keeps up I will hit my next milestone by this time next week! I am also going to have to start bringing an Mp3 player of sorts to the gym, the seniors that go as early as myself are not the biggest fans of Ozzy's bone yard or similar XM stations that are suitable for intense gym sessions. Le sigh. Anyways, time to go rack in some cash, have a great day guys and gals!

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