Sunday, June 10, 2012

So get this, today I step on the scale like every other day, announce to Nintendo "that my body is ready" and weigh in. To my great pleasure, my Wii fit informed me that I was 200lbs. Well I was stoked. Really wasn't expecting my progress to remain so intense for so long but it turns out the change in my sleep schedule really allowed me to just obliterate my plateau. Looking back, it astounds me that I once weighed 75 pounds more then I currently do. Though is really exciting, it doesn't mean that I am ready to let up at all or try and simply "maintain" my current state. I will see an ideal body fat percentage, of this I am sure. Such is partially my explanation as to why I am ordering a a new shipment of supplements. I call it the "Jake I love you but this cutting shit is getting old and it had best be done soon" stack. The roster for this stack includes another bottle of Shut-eye and my current BCAA's pills. The new comers are Zeus and Sub-Q. Purchasing this during a time when I don't really have much cash to spare will be reason enough to push even harder. Sorry you all have to read this in a blog but this does mean that I won't be buying Diablo 3 any time soon. I am sorry, so very sorry. Deckard Cain, I am sorry. Anyways kids, have a great weekend.

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