Saturday, June 2, 2012

A little closer

          Well this post is coming a day late but the content is just as exciting, if only for me. As of today, I am currently weighing in at 205lbs. This means that I am now at a total fat loss of 70lbs and only 5 lbs away from being the same weight I was back in 2002, while entering the sixth grade. So I am pretty stoked on the matter and am currently at an all time high in regards to both motivation and desire to see progress.
          The hours that I am working have been increasing steadily and it is looking as though I may soon be working as many as 72 a week. If this is the case, I will be most certainly purchasing a new stack and continue to pummel my body fat percentage into the ground. Blog posts may be uploaded less frequently but they will be longer because of my ability to write them at work, needing only to find the time later to type them up. I will most certainly be sure to make a post for the breaking of any milestones (like reaching 200lbs) but other then that, this blog will continue to lack a consistency of posts from myself. That said, I may very well be hosting a new author regularly who has expressed interest in contributing and most certainly has the means to do so. Other then these little general updates, I would like to finish this post by reminding you all to check out what Nintendo has to reveal at E3 in the next few days. This next week could either make or break the Wii U and frankly I am really hoping that it shapes into something amazing. As such I am really hoping for intense online game play, an astonishing release line up (Luigi's mansion 2?) and maybe some clarification as to just which games Blizzard is making for this new console (there are supposedly two in production). Oh please don't let us down Nintendo!

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